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Truck mounted chancer

A reader in Scotland has sent us in an example of truck mount being used in the street with little regard for traffic or pedestrians.

It is probably best that we cover this in the words of our contributor.

“I stumbled across this disaster yesterday (last Thursday) in Coatbridge, Scotland. Not only was the vehicle sat on a blind bend, but there was no management of traffic or as you can see of pedestrians. I was shocked to watch a family, including their pushchair, squeeze through the small gap left on the pavement. Then the operator allows someone to leave the basket without a harness, both without hardhats. Any one of those passing lorries or cars could have easily clipped the boom or the vehicle itself. “

“Hard to believe that the contractor hiring the boom – xxx -is the local council’s choice for property maintenance of their housing stock. Another death wish passes with no one hurt, thankfully!!”

We struggled to open these files thus the delay in publishing, and unable to find a second source to verify the name of the contractor, we have chosen not to publish it at this time. Although they know who they are. And most likely the operator is employed by the rental company 1st Access Platforms? Although we do not know this for certain.

Sadly this 37 metre platform looks very well maintained, is clean and is well set up with outriggers fully set and on mats - albeit small ones for the machines size. But it is all spoilt for a lack of any traffic management, apart from the flahsing beacons on the cab roof. In some pictures there is a man on the ground, possibly the operator/driver? He is wearing a Hi Viz coat and a hard hat but appears to be watching the men on the roof, rather than directing traffic or watching out for pedestrians.

A smaller spider lift working closer into the property might well have been a better solution to this job?

Hopefully the men in the platform were at least wearing harnesses when in the platform? And hopefully our correspondent had a chat with the them all about what they were doing wrong?

No question about though this one it qualifies for our Death Wish series on so many levels.

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